Fighting COVID-19: Know Your Risk

By GeneType

Genetic testing is the new frontier of how healthcare will be changed forever.

We encourage all who are eligible to get vaccinated, to protect ourselves, and those around us.  We don’t know who could be at risk of developing severe symptoms by just looking at someone, but what if it was possible to assess individual risk with a simple test?

Read on to understand more about knowing your level of risk down to the DNA level when it comes to COVID-19.




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As of May 2021, nearly 50% of  American adults have been at least partially vaccinated against COVID-1. But the pandemic risks continue

The Race to Vaccinate

  • The Fourth Wave?
      • In the last 2 weeks of March, coronavirus cases increased by 20% across the U.S
        • Vaccines will be available for every American adult by May
        • It will take several more months to reach herd immunity
      • From December to March, hesitancy about getting the vaccine fell by half
        • Many people admit they could be persuaded to get the vaccine if it meant they could stop wearing masks and travel freely
      • States across the U.S. are seeing a surge in infections due to 
        • At least 18 states have lifted safety restrictions
        • Waning public compliance with social distancing
        • Spread of highly contagious and vaccine-resistant variants
    • A Global Goal
      • Worldwide, 2 in 3 epidemiologists agree viral mutations will render first-generation vaccines ineffective by 2022
        • 88% agreed that low vaccination rates in some countries would lead to more vaccine-resistant strains
      • Some countries may not get widespread vaccine coverage until 2023 or later
      • We need to have 70% to 85% of a population vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity
  • In that time, new variants will continue to evolve and spread
      • “[I]n a pandemic of course we're only safe if we're all safe" — Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance
    • By the time most of the world is vaccinated, first-generation vaccines will most likely be ineffective — and another round of mass vaccination will be required


There’s a better way to end the pandemic


    • Vaccines offer good protection, but not complete protection
      • No vaccine is 100% effective at preventing disease
      • Existing vaccines are less effective against new variants
    • Vaccinated people should continue some precautions until the pandemic ebbs
      • Slowing the spread also slows the emergence of new variant
      • It’s unclear if vaccinated people can still infect others
  • Understanding COVID-19 Risk
      • A wide variety of health conditions have been associated with increased risk of infection and severe disease
        • Cancer
        • Chronic lung disease
        • Chronic kidney disease
        • Alzheimer’s & dementia
        • Diabetes
        • Heart conditions
        • Immunocompromised
        • Liver disease
        • Overweight & obesity
        • Pregnancy
      • BUT, not every individual with one of these conditions will develop severe COVID-19
  • Knowing Your Risk Can Help You Return To Normal Life
      • By understanding individual risk, 
        • Precautions can be targeted to those in need and individuals can decide 
        • People can decide for themselves how much risk they’re willing to face
  • What Do Risk-Based Precautions Look Like?
      • The majority of people can practice “routine” precautions
        • Masking and hand-washing
      • Those at-risk can be recommended more rigorous steps
        • Social distancing and avoiding crowds
      • Those who become infected receive better treatment
        • Providing additional therapies to at-risk patients before they develop severe disease
      • The Result: 
        • Safety measures become more palatable to the public
        • Increased compliance with necessary precautions
        • Slowing the spread and mutation of the virus


1 in 4 adults could be incorrectly categorized for their risk of developing severe COVID-19 — until now


Introducing GeneType COVID-19 Risk Test

  • At-home test kit determines individual risk of developing severe COVID-19
    • Considers 16 comorbidities and genetic markers
    • Improves risk prediction by 25% over standard clinical models
    • Receive your risk score and a detailed report within 5-7 days 


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