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If you were infected, would you know your chances of developing severe symptoms?

You know:

  • Age is a major risk factor of developing severe disease.
  • Having heart disease, diabetes, or cancer can increase your chances of developing severe disease.

Copy of GTG - Blog Pics (4)We know:

  • How to rank your risk of developing severe disease based on scientific data from thousands of people who have already been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Learn your risk of developing severe disease so you can:

1. Be Proactive

  • If you do get infected, let your doctor know you are positive for SARS-Cov2 as soon as you get your result. Don’t wait for severe symptoms to appear.
  • Remind your doctor about your risk factors.
  • There are treatments such as monoclonal antibody therapy and anti-viral therapy that are available to high risk adults before they show severe symptoms.

2. Take Risk-Based Precautions

  • Maintaining your routine medical care including screening and wellness visits are important, even during a pandemic. Request appointments to accommodate your risk (and your comfort) level.
  • Follow CDC guidelines. Wear a mask. Socially-distance. Wash your hands often.

3. Vaccine Prioritization

  • Vaccines are currently being given based on age-based risk level. Some health systems are also offering vaccines based on comorbidities. If you are at higher risk of developing severe disease, a vaccine could be life-saving.  

Our Science

Age increases our risk of developing severe symptoms if infected with SARS-Cov2. You’ve probably also heard of other risk factors, or “co-morbidities.” Heart disease, diabetes, and asthma are among some common co-morbidities. Our risk assessment takes into account 16 co-morbidities and a handful of genetic markers that have been associated with patients who develop severe disease.  

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